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nizra group

Founder's  History


Modern Architecture

Nizra Group was incorporated in 2016 with roots in a family business going back as far as early 1900's in batik manufacturing. The business has now moved on to Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods (FMCG) distribution as well as pioneering other industries including automotive, aviation services and leisure marine, known as Mofaz Group of Companies. Back in 1977, Mofaz was one of Malaysia’s first conglomerate and was a reputable brand name locally.

Nik Iruwan grew up learning the trade secrets through his family’s wisdom, from his humble beginning distributing Mofaz beverages to the retailers in Klang Valley, to clearing cars at the port and selling cars at the showroom. His first enterprise was a motorsport company in 2008, managing young drivers and providing racing team services, imports and trading of go kart equipments from Italy.

In 2012, he was appointed as the director of Hamza Motors Sdn. Bhd.,  a family owned import and distribution car outfit based in Kuala Lumpur. Through this role, he developed administration and operation skill set for managing a used imported car business entity.

In 2016, he proactively set-up his own car business, with desire to transform and advancing the management of Hamza Motors Sdn. Bhd. from his family. Nik Iruwan launched four new showrooms in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Johor Bahru and successfully increased the imports and sales of Hamza Motors by more than double within two years.

Concurrently, Nik Iruwan diversified his business into other industries such as defence vehicle & technology supply, film production, live concerts & event management and construction engineering projects. With this expansion, Nizra Group Berhad was created to consolidate all businesses under an entity and brand, with shared corporate services and organisational vision and mission.

In 2018, Nizra’s very own building headquarters began construction and completed in 2021 as The Nizra Building.

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