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Nizra Motorsport
nizra motorsport


Nizra Motorsport was born out of the pure passion of its Founders, which includes go-karting and single-seater formula racing in Malaysia and the region. We are driven towards developing as many talents as we can through the right program towards the pinnacle of motorsport. The tenacity that is the core to creating such talents lies in our own accolade of racing and winning experiences, which began in 2008, that turned into a driving passion with every single win.

With the extensive network in motorsport world, we envision giving back to aspiring youths whilst promoting green technology and green R&D. Interestingly, many well known formula one drivers started their careers by driving go karts, such as Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher.

At Nizra Motorsport, we teach and train our aspiring youths on automotive technology and we also inculcate team spirit. Combined with constantly inspiring them to persevere, that is our one formula for success.

Nizra Motorsport
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